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Another Awesome Product By Free Bird Innovations, Inc.

Vortex Generators for Better:

* Stall Speed
* Control Response
* Fuel Economy
* Landing Distance
* Take-Off Distance
* Cruise Speed
* Safety

Kit Includes 100PCS and the Installation instructions

100pcs - enough to do your wings & tail feathers

Made from Polycarbonate material with UV protective additive

It has been known for some time, that vortex generators can reduce stall speeds and improve an aircraft's handling performance. Vortex generators allow the wing to develop more lift and lower airspeeds. This reduces takeoff speed and improves the rate of climb. Vortex Generators can also help retain positive aileron control and enhance your rudder authority in higher angles of attack. You will immediately notice an improvement in your aircraft.

Old style Vortex Generators on a RAF Javelin fighter


As air flows normally over a wing of an aircraft in flight, the air "sticks" to the surface of the wing. This adherence to the wing's surface produces lift. If the airflow loses its adherence and separates from the wing, aircraft performance can suffer in the form of increased drag, loss of lift and higher fuel consumption.

Researchers at NASA Langley Research Centre developed Micro VGs to control this flow detachment by producing miniature, controlled tornadoes, called "vortices". The Micro VGs sweep away uncontrolled airflow separation over the wings and flaps with the benefit of reduced drag and increased lift (ie, less engine power required to produce the same lift).

Micro VG technology contributes to performance and safety improvements as well as noise reduction for the aerospace industry. It's relatively simple design and ease of installation make Micro-Vortex Generators one of the most cost-effective means of enhancing aircraft safety and performance.

The instructions show where to install your AirWave VG's. It is recommended to temporarily apply them with double stick tape, carry out flight tests and adjust VG location - if required.
Then bond them permanent with either Loctite® "Prism" 401 cyanoacrylate adhesive or Pacer® Technologies (Super Glue) "Plasti-Fuse" #15104 (with primer/activator) or Permatex® "Auto Trim Adhesive" #80885 (with primer/activator)

Note: These Airwave Vortex Generators are not rated for certified aircraft.

They are designed and intended for experimental aircraft and ultralights. Experimental aircraft that already have a type certificate should contact a CAR 35 engineer or the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia to see if installation of VG's constitutes a major alteration that may require a flight testing period.

Customer comment: Jodel D11
Just been out test flying. Made a big difference.. I've only put the VGs on the wings. Speed up 3-4 knots and 3-4 slower. Doesn't drop now on flare "slow landing" and ailerons' are mush faster I can shake the wings now. It simply gets airborne faster too, which it wouldn't do before Amazing!!!

Vortex Generator Purchase Details

AUD$ 139.00


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For payment within Australia. Payment is accepted by cheque/ money order


or via Direct Deposit (Internet banking) using the following account details:

Bank: Credit Union Australia
BSB: 804 050
Account #: 10760959
Account Name: Freebird Aviation A'Asia

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