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Freebird Aircraft – Quick Build Kits

Details – common to all Models              

Anodized Aluminium Construction   Strut Braced Wings (no wires)
3 Axis Control System     Dacron or Stits Sails
Detachable Wings (20 minutes)     Steerable Nose Wheel
Fibreglass Seats  Adaptable To Floats
Seat Covers Full or Partial Windshield
Standard Aircraft Components Power Range 22/65hp
Large Instrument Panel Top Mounted Engine
Rubber Mounted Landing Gear Maximum Prop Length 72”

LiteSport Classic - side by side Seating

Full instrumentation


Full supply of aircraft parts


Customer's comment: It's a great flying aircraft, not fast, but fun.

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Specifications - Ultra II

Empty Weight 134 kg   
Wingspan 26’ 6”
Length 17 ft 1 in
Fuel Capacity 38 litres+
Gross Weight (Tandem) 410 kg
Wing Area 121 sq ft
Height 6’ 8”
Build Time (kit) 125 hours

LiteSport Ultra II - offers Tandem Seating


Engine used for tests in an Ultra II: Rotax 503

Power 50 hp
Top Speed 69.5 Knots
VNE Speed 82.5 Knots
Stall Speed 28 Knots
Cruise 65 Knots
Rate of Climb 800 fpm

Coming soon Photographs of building an Ultra II

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"NEW" FreeBird 103 - Single Seat


New FreeBird 103 was computer designed to assure our goal of making a 254lb ultralight, possible with 3 axis control, steerable nose wheel, and the Black Max hydraulic brake system. So far the empty weights are coming in exactly as projected.
We are using the same basic wing design that we used on our LS-Ultra, however, the fuselage was totally redesigned to shave weight without compromising integrity.

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SportLite - Single Seat
If you would prefer to build the latest 95.10 aircraft on the Australian market, the SportLite is the plane for you, with an average building time of 250 hours.
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  If required spares are available.

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