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Freebird Aviation Australasia

Now with more than 50 years experience in the aviation industry, Freebird Aviation Australasia can offer you our expertise in aircraft selection and operational management, guidance to manufacturing and maintenance aspects.
We are now bringing a new level of aircraft ownership to working people.
Our Freebird Quick-Build Airframe Kits can be assembled in less than 150 hours.
We also offer assistance to the Builder and we can help you to obtain Ultralight flight training.
Freebird aircraft come with removable wings - it will only take you 20 minutes to prepare your "bird" for loading onto a trailer.
If you live in Southern NSW or Northern Victoria, we can arrange space in a Hangar at the Holbrook (NSW) "Airpark".

For more aircraft details, visit our aircraft - LiteSport and Flying Fleas pages.

Contact Details

Freebird Aviation Australasia

ABN: 18 893 277 086

John Washbrooke

Mobile: 0427 406 725

Email: freebirdaviation@activ8.net.au

Mail: PO Box 314, YASS NSW 2582 AUSTRALIA

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